Why We Give

You Helped Grace Save her Friend Rosaline's Life!

Two women smiling

Contraception destroys lives. In Tanzania, you are rebuilding them one by one. Read More

18 Years Later, HLI Rescue Baby Chooses Life


Generations of love spring from your gift of hope. Read More

You Blocked Abortion-on-Demand in Kenya!

Emil Hagamu with baby Halima

When you give, Life wins. 100 more countries still need your help. Read More

Holding a Blessing

Emil Hagamu with baby Halima

After providing counseling to Hawa and her husband when they found out they were pregnant, Emil Hagamu was blessed to meet baby Halima. Read More

The Ultimate Gift

Neema with her baby, Happiness

Tanzanian teen Neema Kavishe was devastated to be pregnant. From a poor family, she had been approached by a middle-aged man who promised to pay her school fees for a year. Dishonorably, his true intentions were only to have sexual relations with poor Neema. Read More