18 Years Later, HLI Rescue Baby Chooses Life

By Dr. Imre Téglásy, HLI Hungary


Meet Dorina. You saved her from abortion 18 years ago. This summer, she asked you to save her son.

Rescuing mothers and children from abortion is more difficult during a pandemic lockdown, but with God's help, and yours, all things are possible.

Last winter, eighteen-year-old Dorina realized that she was pregnant. Her first child was only 8 months old, and she and her boyfriend, Levente, could not support another. Then the COVID-19 lockdown made an impossible situation even worse.

She considered aborting her child but realized she couldn't go through with it because of something you did for her years ago.

Dorina's mother also faced a crisis pregnancy. Scared and alone, it seemed to her that abortion might be the only way forward until she found HLI Hungary. Aided by gifts from donors just like you, our missionaries helped her to welcome her child into the world and found a wonderful adoptive family to love and raise little Dorina.

You Inspired Dorina to Choose Adoption

Your compassion saved Dorina's life, and she reached out knowing that you can save her baby's life too.

She asked for a "nice and loving" adoptive family for her baby, and that's exactly what we found. With your help, we created a virtual process for matching families with adoptive parents. Dorina and Levente met online with couples from our waiting list equipped with 41 hours of adoption training and hearts full of love. Before long, they found the perfect match.

Dorina's healthy baby boy was born this summer with great joy. Dorina and Levente gave him the name Bálint, his adoptive parents added the name Máté, and they proceeded with the open adoption as planned.

New Family Photo

Thanks to you, Dorina's son Bálint-Máté now has a new home with loving adoptive parents.

Life for Bálint-Máté, and Renewed Faith For His Family

Bálint-Máté has four loving parents and a wonderful home, but that is not the only good that God has done through your generosity. These events have inspired Dorina and Levente to baptize their first child, Bence, into the Catholic Church, and to accept the Sacrament of Marriage.

Dorina is profoundly grateful for everything you have done for her mother, herself, and her son. Thanks to our loving God, and thanks to you, their story has journeyed from fear and uncertainty to a truly happy new beginning.

Bálint-Máté is safe, but so many like him are still in danger inside the wombs of mothers who are frightened and surrounded by lies. With your continued support, we are reaching out to as many as we can. Sometimes a little bit of hope is all it takes to embrace a new life. Your gift is that hope.

Your compassion saved Dorina's life, and she reached out knowing that you can save her baby's life too.