Holding a Blessing

Emil Hagamu with baby Halima

Anglophone Africa regional director Emil Hagamu with baby Halima, saved from abortion by HLI in Rwanda. Her parents love her and her five brothers and sisters.

When 30-year-old Hawa Kumi became pregnant, Human Life International was there.

HLI's Anglophone Africa regional director, Emil Hagamu, works for Life and Family around the clock. And when Hawa became pregnant, her husband was angry and didn't want the baby. Emil actually called and spoke to the husband, who was upset because with five children, he felt they didn't need another.

Emil says: "Counseling women who face pregnancy crises has been a part of my pro-life mission. I am glad to report that immediately after I arrived home from my mission visit to Rwanda, Hawa Kumi brought a two-month-old baby to my house. She said, 'Look at this baby. She would not have been alive if you did not intervene when I was in great distress caused by my husband's insistence that I abort it.'

"Named Halima, this baby (an abortion survivor) is the youngest of six healthy children. I was blessed to hold her on my lap."