The Ultimate Gift

Neema with her baby, Happiness

On April 21, Neema gave birth to a baby girl she named Happiness.

Tanzanian teen Neema Kavishe was devastated to be pregnant. From a poor family, she had been approached by a middle-aged man who promised to pay her school fees for a year. Dishonorably, his true intentions were only to have sexual relations with poor Neema.

Neema had been too trusting. Her parents were bitter and angry. She was mocked by peers for not using contraception. All were in favor of abortion. Traumatized, she could hardly face anyone.

Neema was a regular listener to Human Life International's (HLI) weekly radio program on Radio Maria. On Sept. 13, 2016, God touched her heart. On the air, she heard abortion is "a mother killing her own child who is created in the image of God." Brought up Catholic, she was greatly torn. The next day she phoned Emil Hagamu, HLI's Anglophone Africa Regional Director.

Emil says, "I heard her sad voice and immediately began counseling. I assured her of God's love for her and her unborn child. I told her about the preciousness of the new life in her womb. I said I will adopt the child after she is born." Emil even provided pocket money to Neema and accomplished a reconciliation between Neema and her parents.

On April 21, a day of great joy, Neema gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named her Happiness. Though Emil had planned to adopt her, another Catholic woman has come forward, wishing to adopt Happiness. Says Emil, "I am thankful to God that HLI has saved a life."

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